Complaints Procedure

Dear Client,

In compliance with our membership to The Property Ombudsman we freely provide this complaints procedure to enable a fast and fair resolution to your dispute. Please follow the simple steps so that you too are compliant with The Property Ombudsman’s guides, meaning you will be able to receive their assistance if ultimately required.

Please understand that the steps are in place to give the most efficient and fair resolutions to disputes and therefore we’d appreciate you working with us in this way.

1. Client to express complaint/issue with The Buy2Let Shop ‘Customer Service Team’. It will be their intention to find a solution to the client’s problem. In the event of the complaint being in relation to a property sale please contact the ‘Sales Progression Team’ or ‘Sales Director’ instead.

2. If not satisfied with the way the Customer Service Team/Sales Progression Team/Sales Director has handled the situation or with the outcome, the client may express their complaint/request a refund by informing the ‘Compliance Team’ at from which acknowledgement will be made within 3 working days either verbally or in writing via email. The Compliance Team will then investigate and respond within 15 working days in writing. They may or may not agree to compensation but will endeavour to resolve the matter to both client and The Buy2Let Shop’s satisfaction.

3. If the client is still unsatisfied with the outcome, they may ask in writing that their complaint/refund request be escalated to the ‘Company Operations Director’ at (FAO Mr Martin Logan) from which a response will be made within 15 working days, in writing only.

4. If the client is still unhappy and feels they have a legitimate claim to compensation then they are encouraged to seek advice and assistance from The Property Ombudsman, providing the communication between The Buy2Let Shop and themselves over the matter.

Please note, The Property Ombudsman openly redirects the public back to the company in question to follow the general guidelines stated above before accepting to review the case.

Kind regards & without prejudice
The Buy2Let Shop