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We run free property investment seminars every month where we teach people the skills they need to build and develop their property portfolios!
Get strategy advice from Senior Portfolio Managers!

It is not just luck when professional investors make more money than amateur investors. They are just more investment savvy. We believe in the old adage “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” So by investing some time now into understanding the game, you can avoid making mistakes that delay your retirement by years.

What to expect:

  • Learn where to find the best investment grade properties
  • Learn how to avoid throwing away £24,000 per annum TAX FREE
  • Learn how to correctly plan your Strategy, Finance and Tax position
  • Learn how to regularly get yields over 10%
  • Learn why the amateurs are running away from the market, while the professionals are running towards it

Due to Covid-19 affecting events we are now running webinars where in addition to the above you will learn:

  • How Covid-19 has affected the market
  • Why you should be investing through Covid-19

Plus exclusive incentives for webinar attendees

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